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Earn referral bonus

Earn up to 10% bonus NODL tokens. For every DOT referred, you and your referee will get a 5% bonus each on the referred contributions. If you refer a friend, and they contribute 20 DOTs, they will get 400 NODLs + 20 NODLs, i.e. a total of 420 NODLs. You will get 20 NODLs.

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Available balance 0.0000 DOT

Est. Project Rewards

0.0000 NODL

Referral Bonus

0.0000 NODL

(splitted between referrer and referee.)

Your DOT tokens will be contributed to the crowdloan via this website. If this crowdloan does not win an auction slot, your DOT tokens can be claimed via Polkadot JS.

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Up to 850M NODL tokens will be distributed to the crowdloan participants, and a minimum of 20 NODL tokens per DOT will be awarded

The tokens will vest over the duration of the parachain lease

30% will be unlocked immediately when the Nodle parachain launches.

70% will vest over the duration of the lease (96 weeks) on a per block basis

There are extra rewards for early contributors, and referrals:

Get 10% extra rewards if you contribute before December 23rd.

Share a 10% reward when you refer your friends.

There are additional rewards for large contributors:

Get a 5% extra rewards if you contribute more than 200 DOTs.

From December 24th at 9am PST to December 26th at 9am PST get 10% instead of 5% extra rewards if you contribute at least 200 DOTs.

Extra rewards:

From Jan 11th at 9am PST, referral rewards shall be bumped to 14% (7/7 split) for the next 72hrs.

From Jan 19th at 9am PST, rewards shall be bumped to 15% for who contributes 1000 DOTs or more until 26th at 9am PST.

An exclusive matrix inspired “Decentralized” NFT based on a secret artist's work will be rewarded to the 10,000 highest contributors that commit their DOTS to the crowdloan.

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From the Nodle team

Micha Benoliel

Eliott Teissonnière

Garret Kinsman

Auction timeline

  1. December 10th, 2021

    Crowdloan begins. Early contributions are open
  2. December 23rd, 2021

    Auction starts


How many NODL tokens will I get for each DOT token that I contribute?

You will get a minimum of 20 NODLs per DOT.

Up to 850M NODL tokens will be distributed to the crowdloan participants, and the individual NODL reward amount will depend on the total amount of DOT tokens contributed to the Nodle crowdloan.

What do I need to participate in the crowdloan?

If you do not have any DOT tokens, you will need to purchase some DOT tokens to participate. If you already have some DOTs, you need to ensure that the DOTs you want to use are on a non-custodial wallet like Polkadot.js, and are neither staked/bonded nor participating in a democracy holds.

You don't need to have a NODL address to participate, because the recipient NODL address will be derived from your Polkadot contribution address.

What is the minimum amount to participate?

The minimum contribution is 5 DOTs. However, it is recommended that you maintain a balance of more than 1 DOT on your Polkadot wallet because 1 DOT is the existential deposit requirement.

How long are the DOTs going to be locked in the crowdloan?

If the Nodle crowdloan campaign is successful, your DOT tokens will be bonded during the entire lease period and unlocked when the lease period ends, i.e., 96 weeks later.

If the crowdloan is unsuccessful, your DOT tokens will be unlocked at the end of the campaign.

When will I receive my NODL tokens?

If the Nodle project wins a parachain slot, you will receive your NODL tokens when the Nodle network launches as a parachain and when token transfers are enabled.

When will the Nodle crowdloan be live on Polkadot?

You can already join the waitlist today, and you will receive an email notification when the Nodle crowdloan opens.

What is the relationship between NODL and DOT?

There is no direct relationship between NODL and DOT. Practically, NODL is the native token of the Nodle Chain, and DOT is the native token of the Polkadot chain.

As part of the parachain crowdloan process, DOT holders will receive NODL tokens in exchange for bonding their DOTs during the entire period of the lease.

What wallets can I use to participate? Can I use Ledger?

You will participate in the Nodle crowdloan via this site, along with the Polkadot.js wallet extension. Please note that Ledger wallets, proxy accounts, and multi-signature wallets are not supported, even if they are connected to the Polkadot.js wallet. Doing so may prevent you from claiming your NODL rewards

How can I keep my DOTs liquid?

We have a partnership with Parallel. If you contribute your DOT tokens through Parallel, you will receive cDOT that you will be able to use on the Parallel platform. For more information, go to the dedicated section in our FAQ.

How can I receive my NFTs if I am one of the winners?

We have answers to your questions in our dedicated section in our FAQ.

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